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WPC Pinball Parts Page has parts lists for some machines. All the info for all of the WPC machines was placed in a database and this is the result.
The accuracy of these lists is based on the IPDB parts lists. Some of the quantities listed on the parts sheet are 0 and this is incorrect so there is no way to know the accuracy of the actual quanties. Parts with 0 quantities were rounded up to 1.

Each assembly part listing was generated only once so if the same assembly appears in more than one game and the parts breakdown is different than the listing may be inaccurate. This is most evident in the raw parts listing for the CPU and Driver boards.

All the Full listings except the machine page are HUGE files. Partial listings are provided below the full listings.


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Machine Page:

This is the list of all the listed WPC games wth the game code abbreviations.

Machine List

Parts Page:

This page contains every part listed for every game.
The number of each part used in a game is also listed.
18,000 rows, 600 pages

Full Parts List - 600 Pages

Assembly Page:

This is a subset of the parts page that lists only assemblies.
The number of assemblies used in each game is also listed.
4800 rows, 150 pages

Assembly List

Assembly List with Parts by Game

This directory has a file for each game.
The first pat of the file name is the machine code.
Each file contains every assembly used in the game with the individual parts listed for each assembly.

Game Assembly Directory